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The internet is an infinite space, a creator’s playground, an ever-expanding cosmos of splendour and trash in which the natural laws of time and space are abolished. Existing at no definable location as a mesh of interconnected nodes: sites, people, products, images and ideas are connected at any point, from any direction.

The effects of this rhizomatic terrain are as equally far-reaching as the internet itself. New physical possibilities manifest in this anti-space, affecting us socially, politically, psychologically, culturally and aesthetically.

NEW PHYSICS  is an online exhibition that presents ten Australian artists who produce a collective though diverse aesthetic investigation of the dislocative effects of the internet, and the many unlikely collisions it has created.

Artists: Alrey Batol, Holly Childs and Stephanie Overs, Ellen Formby, Joe Hamilton, Josh Harle and Louise Zhang, Kusum Normoyle, Giselle Stanborough, Peter Wildman.

curated by Roslyn Helper.